Family reunions are never a cheap event to host, but there are ways to help you offset costs. One of these ways is to have a family reunion fundraiser!

This is definitely a case of “the more, the merrier” because you can make more money with more people helping, and have a lot more fun doing it!

Family Reunion Fundraisers

When I said that there is many ways to raise money, I wasn’t exaggerating. Here’s a few ideas I had for family reunion fundraisers:

  1. Bake sale: Do you get along with your oven? Prove it. Put together plates of sweets and delicious pies, and market them wherever you’re allowed!
  2. Craft sale: Feeling crafty? Can you make things that everyone can use or would like to have? Why not have a craft sale, or have a booth at a local festival!
  3. Yard sale: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure! Get a few family members to clean the junk out of their garages for the sake of raising money for the reunion.
  4. Clothing sale: This takes a bit more effort, but sharing the tshirts below for sale to friends online can help with costs. All of the money will go into a single account and be used for family reunion expenses or to sponsor a family members costs.
  5. Selling Discount Coupon Books: Everyone loves saving money and what better way to help with Family Reunion costs than to give the gift of savings to others!

There are other ways to make money other than doing family reunion fundraisers but family reunion fundraisers put the “fun” in it all! Make sure that whatever you choose to do, inform everyone in your family and solicit their help because the more money you all can raise, the better the family reunion can be!


The payments for the shirts purchased via fundraising will be processed by the SayWHA radio Shop but all proceeds for the items will go towards the Hicks/Ware Reunion. Checkout will open in another window to SayWHA Radio Shop. The site is safe and secure to process payments.